We Help Serious Presenters 
Create and Deliver
Unforgettable Presentations
Great presenters aren't born; They're trained.
Stage Time University is world-class 
virtual training for serious presenters
We help you...
 Stand Out
 Deliver a Memorable Message
 Leave 'Em Wanting More
Get "How To" Secrets from World Champion Speakers
Your career,  your audience, and your message 
are all too important to give average presentations.
 Have you ever seen an amazing presenter and wondered, “Wow, how’d they get that good?”
Most presenters want to own the stage, but aren’t quite sure exactly what to do to get better quickly. 

Great presenters aren’t born; they’re trained. Many try to figure it out on their own and end up frustrated and waste valuable years. 
How much are average presentations costing you? How many people in your audience who need your message are not being deeply impacted? You may be giving a presentation, but are you truly being heard? If people are not excited to talk to you after your presentation and ask for more, you are missing something. A lack of confidence and telling average stories may already be costing you a great deal.
If Your Message Matters
We Help You Tell 
Your Story
So, If Your Audience 
is 5 or 5,000, 
They'll Love You & Your Message
Stage Time University was created as THE ULTIMATE ONLINE RESOURCE to dramatically improve your ability to stand out, deliver a memorable message, and leave your audience wanting more.
We've helped over 1,100 Stage Time members 
from 46 countries get presentation breakthroughs.

Stage Time U. Founder, Darren LaCroix, Struggled for 7 Years...

trying to figure it out on his own. It was not until he met his coach and World Champion Speaker, Mark Brown that everything changed.

In 2001 Mark showed him a world-class level of speaking tools and techniques that helped him become a World Champion Speaker out of 25,000 contestants! Being a sponge and working hard with Mark's direction, Darren is now the only speaker in the world to be a Certified Speaking Professional, Accredited Speaker, and a World Champion. He has trained presenters in almost every state in the US and 44 International cities.

This is why Darren gathered the best coaches in the world and created Stage Time University. You can now access presentation brilliance, world-class techniques and insights, all in one place. We created the best content, coaches, and community accessible to anyone serious about their skills and audience! 

Whom is Stage Time University for?
  •  Corporate presenters who want to be the best in their niche
  •  Entrepreneurs who want to increase their influence
  •  Speakers who want to leave a lasting impression
  •  Authors who want to bring the message of their book to life
Go at Your Own Pace...
1. Pick the Presentation Skills Training You Want
2. Participate on the Weekly "Ask the Experts" Zoom Calls
3.  Present Like a Pro and Put Your New Skills into Action
We Help You Master the Core Four Presentation Elements
Core 1) Creating Your Presentation
Core 2) Tell Unforgettable Stories
Core 3) Make 'Em Laugh
Core 4) Delivery: Own the Stage
Take a Sneak Peek Inside Stage Time U. *Watch these videos
Fast-Start Programs
1-Hour Content-Rich
"HOW TO" Programs
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Master Programs
Deep-dive "Step-by-Step" 
Mastery Programs
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Weekly LIVE "Ask The Experts" Labs
Live Zoom Sessions with our 
World-Class Coaches
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Still Not Convinced?   Grab Your Free Bonus:
Get the Top 10 Speaking Mistakes PDF & Videos, FREE.
Are you making any of these crucial mistakes?
After over a decade of coaching presenters at all levels, Darren sees these same common mistakes over and over again. They disconnect you from your audience and most presenters have no idea! Do you make any of these mistakes? You won't look at presenting the same way again, Darrenteed.
7 Ways Stage Time University is Different:
  • Instant Access to All Programs: Other programs make you wait
  • Learn Directly from World Champion Coaches: You aren't getting regurgitated content 
  • Get Feedback on Your Presentation: Feedback is crucial to becoming amazing 
  •  We Care More About Your Growth than $: We keep first-class learning affordable
  •  Live Calls Each Week with Our Faculty: Who is answering your questions?
  •  We Make World-Class Techniques Fun to Learn: Who wants boring training?
  •  We are Family: Check out our private Facebook Group
Want to present like a pro? 
Join us and spend time with some of the best pros in the world.

Join Stage Time University Faculty;
World-Class Coach Jennifer Leone, Hollywood Story Expert Michael Hauge, 
World Champion Darren LaCroix, World Champion Mark Brown, 
Vegas Headliner Kevin Burke, and World-Class Coach Mike Davis
Just like Jim Rohn said, "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."   
What if these pros were in your top five?

Let These Coaches Be Your Secret Weapon.
Stage Time University: The Best Content, Coaches, & Community
Which programs can you access immediately? ALL OF THEM!
Fast-Start Programs
Master Programs
  •  Humor 101: Start Getting Laughs Even If You Are Not Funny
  • Coaching 101: Secrets from a World Champion Speaker Coach
  • Your Stage, Your Story: How to Use the Stage with Purpose
  •  Connect!: How to Connect with Any Audience
  •  "Oh Crap! I Have to Give a Presentation": Create Your Presentation Quickly
  •  Plus 5 more!
  • Create Your Keynote By Next Week: Create a World-Class Presentation
  • Secrets of Storytelling: How to Keep Them on the Edge of Their Seats
  • Get More Laughs by Next Week: Create Your Own Humor Step-by-Step
  •  Own the Stage: How to Make an Average Speech Awesome
  •  PLUS LIVE Weekly Group Calls with Coaches: Ask anything!
  •  PLUS Member-to-Member Feedback & Mini-Coaching on Calls
 Get world-class insights & easy to navigate  
  Curious? Watch this quick sneak-peek inside to see what you get.
What's the Investment?   
Better Question, What's your Impact, Career, and Reputation Worth to You?

These programs individually add up to over $2,758
You can get monthly or annual access to all of them.
$390 annual membership (or)
$39 per month
Annual Membership $390 (2 Months Free)
Monthly Membership $39 (3 Month Minimum)
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Stand Out, Deliver a Memorable Message, 
and Leave Your Audience Wanting More 
Annual Membership $390 (2 Months Free)
Monthly Membership $39 (3 Month Minimum)